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VIDCHECK VidCheck is a UK based company that specializes in software applications for video compression and broadcast systems. Comprising of a team of experienced digital video engineers and managers, the company is a well-regarded industry player in the European region. VidCheck prides itself on its superior compliance abilities, low cost plugin designs, and rapid product development.

VidCheck believes that as delivering file-based media becomes increasingly complex both for post-houses and broadcasters, it can offer solutions to helping achieve the best way to have a cohesive, flawless and unified communications technology.

Reach Media Experts is currently in partnership with VidCheck to provide is VidChecker, VidApp, and VidFixer software solutions in Malaysia, Indonesia, and other Asian countries.

VIDCHECK VidApps VidApps provide checking and correction as part of the edit process. The VidApps are designed to be used as the last stage of post-production, immediately before the media is rendered. In this way the user can be confident that the rendered media will comply with the specified requirements. VidApps are low-cost plugins designed to meet these requirements for use with common NLEs such as Final Cut Pro,Avid Media Composer, Symphony, NewsCutter, Adobe After Effects, and Premiere Pro. VidApps then produces a forwardable XML report which can be skinned or house-branded by post production houses.

There initial three VidApps are:

VidApps – Audio checks audio loudness, peak level and PPM checking and correction VidApps – PSE carries out checking and correction of flashing video or PSE VidApps – Video carries out checking and correction of video levels, minor video glitches and other visual scrutiny.

VIDCHECK VidFixer This proprietary software for automated quality control takes all the work out of video correction – it is a software that not only locates glitches on file based media, but fixes it as well. Over the years this tried and tested solution has resulted in multiple updates and reiterations and has succeeded in keeping VidFixer in the forefront of QC control applications.

A veritable god-send for broadcasters, cable service producers, distributors and post production houses a like, VidFixer works to reduce time and maunual labour – working 24/7 to write out corrected files. It offers thorough checking of the file, video and audio parameters, as well as the characteristics and quality of the video and audio including video levels, PSE flashing, audio levels, audio loudness.

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VIDCHECK VidChecker VidChecker is an advanced software capable of ensuring that file, video and audio parameters and levels are correct and ready for broadcast. The solutions that this programme offers was impressive enough for it to be awarded the 'Pick Hit' award by Broadcast Engineering at NAB 2012.

Optimised for checking file-based video before and after distribution, VidChecker is the ultimate tool for broadcasters for checking files received from post production and content distributor by creating a thorough check of video and audio parameters that includes codecs and frame rates. It is also capable of checking the video and audio quality whilst intelligently correcting both video Luma, Chroma and RGB colour component. In terms of sound, VidChecker is fully capable of adjusting Audio Peak and Loudness levels if they exceed allowable limits. Sporting an easy-to use interface, VidChecker is installable on any Windows software application with a GUI accessible over both local or remote networks.

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