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Cheetah From Huntsville, Alabama comes one of the oldest and most established audio and video router manufactures in the world: PESA Ltd. Supporting critical AV productions in both high tech and tenuous environments, PESA has been the global solution provider for military, sports, and private and governmental operations for generations. Operating for more than four decades now, PESA products can be found in use at companies that includes AT&T, Microsoft, and Cisco, and agencies and defence contractors such as the United States Navy, Air Force, White House, CIA, and NASA. Reach Media Experts has been working in partnership with PESA for a number of years now and is a proud supporter and distributor of PESA’s incredible range of routing switcher systems.

PESA Range of Transmitters

Cheetah V5-DVI – Coax/Fiber Transmitter

Vidblox DL-DVI

PESA’s video transmitter and receiver sets are celebrated for their ability to distribute high resolution computer video signals and clear stereo audio over a single fibre optic cable. PESA together with Reach Media Experts offers a range of long distance video transports that boasts superior quality at cost competitive prices. PESA’s Cheetah V5-DVI – Coax/Fiber Transmitter is a proven leader in industrial and commercial applications as well as military command and control, surveillance, and extreme distance computer video transmission needs, whilst the Vidblox Dl-DVI transmit and receive modules offer a wide range of capabilities for transport media conversion, format conversion, and media extension solutions in production, PRO-A/V and broadcast applications.

PESA Transport Modules

Quadbox - Copper-Fiber Transport Modules

For superior signal routing & media conversion, PESA’s Quadbox Series transport media converter modules provide a full line of versatile, low cost copper (coax) to fiber, or fiber to copper converters for SDI signals; some models include signal routing capability in addition to media conversion. This is a full range of modular signal conversion, which includes a high-speed chassis and range of video and audio distribution amplifiers.

Quadbox offers easy solutions for transport media conversion applications or signal extension over fiber, up to 10kM, and is designed for both reliability and density with high-level redundancy.

PESA Range Of Routing Switchers A series of Routing Switches built to scale with all your routing needs. Used by Fortune 500 companies to support major broadcasting events such as the World Series, NASCAR and Superbowl, the PESA range of routing switches creates flexibility in deployment via its Ocelot, Cougar, and Cheetah Series. Choose based on needs for your system to be expanded for more inputs or outputs, to support the specific formats you require.

High-resolution switching applications such as the Ocelot modular routing switcher family offers a wide range of small matrix routers for virtually any application, whilst PESA’s Cougar-3 32X32 matrix switcher routes all SMPTE and ITU, including standard serial digital video signals in addition to supporting embedded audio and other ancillary data required for HD-SDI and DVI/ASI broadcast sources. Scaling up the professional ladder, the Ocelot is built with self-contained I/O connectors and matrix boards installed in a standard 1RU rack frame – with Matrix switcher that routes all SMPTE and ITU standard serial digital video signals. It also supports embedded audio and other ancillary data required for HD-SDI and DVI/ASI broadcast sources.

For a full list of features, drop us an enquiry so that our friendly sales team can answer your questions.

PESA Distributed Routing Systems PESA truly raises the bar for distributed routing systems. The PESA Distributed Routing System is a full-featured 24 bit, 96 kHz routing system for audio and time code signals allied into a series of single rack unit frames. A true distributed routing system in all sense of the word, PESA Distributed Routing Systems uses a high-speed multiplexing technology for signal distribution, rather than the crosspoint matrix array. The DRS is able to bring input signal ports close in proximity to audio sources such as satellite receivers, live production suites or servers; making complex and cumbersome wiring schemes and cable routing a thing of the past and passing on its savings to users long term for both installation and maintenance.