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De Sisti Founded in 1982 with more than 30 years of experience and innovation in the advanced technical lighting industry, De Sisti is a world-renowned lighting solutions provider with a vast sales network that around the Europe, Asia, US and the Middle East. An intensely R&D focused enterprise that is also committed to upholding high and critical standards of safety, De Sisti is the only company to have all rigging devices certified both by UL’s safety standards and by the prestigious German Institute TÜV.

Reach Media Experts is the proud sole distributor of De Sisti products in Indonesia, as well as an established presence in Malaysia. We offer both LED fresnals and LED softlights that are manufactured to the highly exacting international standards De Sisti sets for its customers worldwide.

De Sisti LED Fresnals Assembling the right lighting kit requires consideration of power requirements, colour temperature, control, lamp life, and of course pricing. In making the expensive investment decisions for your outfit, choosing an LED Fresnal is a consideration of pitching variable factors against what delivers best to solve your business’s unique setup.

For versatile and strong, reliable lighting however, LED fresnals are clearly a main contender for any serious showmanship: here De Sisti offers LED Magis, LED Leonardo 6, and LED Leonardo 10 to tailor to every occasion.

High powered LEDs are now leading the way with great lumens per watt (LPW) making them highly efficient and energy saving investments. With many models offering both controllable colour temperature and fully dimmable options, LED fresnal lights offer excellent lamp life at great prices that everyone can enjoy.

Common features include:
  • LED fresnals that focuses on creating lighting with uniform smoothness and intensity, and with stable and consistent illumination specified to its correlated colour temperature
  • Capable of creating the appropriate shadows projections in Flood, Spot and across-the-beam focusing for your stage. Higher output (up to 50%) in full flood and bigger CRI for upgraded fresnals
  • Ability to match any other type of available source in the market such as HMIs and Daylight Fluorescents
  • Continuous focus ability between spot and flood, plus the ability of using the Barndoor in flood to shape up the beam as needed
  • Easy display screen to visualize and get all parameters directly on-screen. A bright and clear display controller is located on every LED fresnals product, with manual intensity adjustment and DMX settings
  • Patented fresnal optics design from De Sisti achieves complete spot to flood focus with an unmatched 6-60° beam angle, using negligible power consumption.
  • Barndoor control and easy handling of LED lights gives high utility and convenience, with low training barriers.
  • International patents.
Contact our sales team today for a no-obligations consultation on LED Magis, LED Leonardo 6, and LED Leonardo 10.

De Sisti LED Softlights The De Sisti LED Softlight SERIES is a new range of LED Softlights utilizing the Remote Phosphor technology (CRI bigger than 95). With a light output capable of matching twice the power of Fluorescent fixture, this innovative Range provides flexible solutions to industry level lighting needs and produces quality projection with precise reference whites. Ideal for multiple camera setups, smooth, soft shadow productions are now possible within a highly accurate controlled field.

Common Features Include:
  • CRI higher than 5 for Tungsten CCT and Higher than 91 for Daylight CCT
  • A LED color mixing chamber within the instrument to produce a smooth, even, soft beam projection, with very diffused shadow
  • Softlight LEDs that come integrated and feature DC DMX dimming control from 0 to 100% with zero flicker even with high speed cameras
  • Ideal for multiple camera set ups and available with various honeycomb control screens and intensifier options for additional controls
  • Optical system that eliminates any pixel effects
  • Choice of Manual or Pole operation
  • Self-contained unit that requires no other external power supplies or device
  • Both Mains and DMX connections that are DAISY Chain cable.

Available through Reach Media Experts: Soft LED 2, and Soft LED 3. Contact us here